Risk Management For Discriminating Clients

Discriminating individuals have strong opinions on just about everything, and insurance is no exception. Some simply want the least expensive insurance they can find. Others spend valuable time doing copious research to avoid being overcharged or up-sold.

Many find insurance complex and overwhelming, so they leave the task in others’ hands and hope for the best. In most cases, the result is the same – paying more for less – followed all too often by disappointment with their coverage and service.

At Denver Agency, we understand and respect our clients’ points of view and appreciate the challenges and opportunities they present. At a certain level of wealth, every insurance program should be custom designed by an agent with the experience, resources and relationships that complement your lifestyle and unique exposure.

We inform.

We help you understand how your status makes you particularly vulnerable, and we show you how to properly structure your coverage to achieve stability, confidence and long-term peace of mind.

We educate.

We believe you should understand their coverage, including transparency regarding underwriting, deductibles and claims. We explain why you should treat your coverage with the same respect given to your investments – an inadequately designed insurance program is a very poor investment indeed.

We anticipate.

We draw on our unique experiences with High Net Worth Individuals to anticipate situations the average agent simply would not. We think creatively, yet analytically, so you never have to ask, “why didn’t my agent advise me of that?”

We respect.

We understand the dynamics (and sometimes dysfunction) of affluent families. We pride ourselves on client relationships and inclusion, and we always employ the utmost discretion.

We offer custom-fit Risk Management advice with a level of service, expertise and creativity our clients demand, but, quite candidly, probably did not know existed before working with us.

Contact us now to arrange a convenient appointment. We look forward to discussing how Denver Agency can elevate your risk management program and experience.

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