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A car is just a car
except when it isn't.

luxury car insurance plans

For some, the reassuring thump of the Rover’s rear door closing – a sound that signifies both quality and safety – is all they need to hear. For others, a newly acquired mid-engine Maranello beauty qualifies as nirvana. But whether you possess an encyclopedic knowledge of vintage roadsters or simply prefer a vehicle that is more compatible with weekend soccer games, we provide luxury car insurance that goes well beyond the mass-market definition of “comprehensive.”

In fact, despite what geckos and ladies named “Flo” may promise, classic and collector car insurance– and even your daily driver – requires more than inputting your VIN into a mass-market insurer’s website. Newer models such as the Porsche Taycan benefit from broader coverage terms that extend beyond the capability of mass market insurers. If the unforeseeable happens and your customized Range Rover gets totaled, your pristine BMW 7 Series gets stolen, or your forever love Porsche 911 succumbs to fire damage, mass market insurance companies are going to be in way over their head.

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Of course, for those who believe a full garage is never full enough, Denver Agency works with the leading insurers to design collector car insurance plans. For true classics, such as the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing or 1963 Corvette split window, collector car insurance is a must. Brass era, hot rods, American muscle, European hypercars, and everything in between – if you collect it, we can protect it.


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