Denver Agency Introduces Narrative

Denver Agency to Launch   a Highly-Nuanced Insurance Brand for Successful Families and Individuals.

High net worth insurance leader launches narrative™ to inject industry with an unprecedented combination of expertise and luxury service.

DENVER, Colorado – January 16,2019 – Today, insurance industry thought leader Denver Agency announced plans to introduce its new brand narrative™ in select markets around the United States beginning in Q1 2019. Amid the environment of mergers and acquisitions currently plaguing the independent agency landscape, narrative™ is the disruptive antidote to the poor training, lack of expertise, and low return-on-learning that today’s ROI-focused culture has wrought. Created to empower agents and clients alike, the new agency will live at the intersection of expertise, technology and empathy. narrative™ agents will deliver a level of individualized service typically reserved for the luxury hospitality industry – a level that can only come from a deep appreciation for and understanding of the high net worth lifestyle.

“narrative™ was purposely developed to look, feel and act very un-insurance like,” stated Eric Gordon, President of Denver Agency and founder of narrative. “Too many high net worth individuals and families continue to work with agents who, honestly, don’t understand this segment’s nuances and needs. We’ve heard from both COI’s and carriers in multiple markets that this audience – our audience – is drastically underserved. narrative™ is going to fix that. By giving top-tier agents the opportunity to really flex their experience with both people and insurance, we’ll provide successful individuals and their representatives an agency that not only understands their lifestyles, but also provides risk management solutions and advice that is decidedly superior at every touchpoint.”

Although Denver Agency has served clients across the country for over 85 years, the firm sees an opportunity to extend its physical footprint beyond Colorado into markets where there is void of agencies that celebrate independence and individuality – and that are willing to stand by those values. The chance to fill this void, along with the vision of crafting an agency model that provides service more akin to the luxury sector than the world of risk management, led to the creation of narrative™.

“narrative™ is not just a sexy identity or clever veneer,” explained Michelle Tremblay, CMO of narrative™. “Our core attributes will drive not only what we say, but also what we do. Our brand positioning takes advantage of an insight that has always existed and is universally human – the existence of stories. And as our agents’ own experiences and stories intertwine with those of their clients, the underlying power and emotion of the brand will be felt.”

A primary goal of narrative™ is to take the industry knowledge and forward-thinking philosophy that has made Denver Agency into an industry thought leader, and inject it into everything narrative™ does. From the way it attracts, trains, and supports agents, to the tools they are given, to the delight clients experience every time they interact with the brand, narrative™ seeks to be all things to, relatively speaking, few people.

narrative™ will be a new brand under the Denver Agency banner. Launching in Q1 2019, narrative™ will take Denver Agency’s unique, hospitality-focused approach to high net worth insurance to select markets around the country. Promising to help protect individuals’ and families’ stories – as well as their lifestyles, assets and anything else that makes up their narrative arcs, narrative™ will combine the best of high-touch service with the latest technology to provide a singular experience for both agents and clients alike.

Founded in 1932, Denver Agency is a privately-owned insurance agency based in Denver, Colorado.

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Eric Gordon
Denver Agency

Michelle Tremblay
Chief Marketing Officer
Denver Agency


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