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Home & Estate

From country estates to city penthouses – and every ski chalet and beach house in between – Denver Agency creates luxury home insurance plans for your primary residence that is just as personalized as they are. And if your second home is now your first love, we can design a vacation home policy to perfectly protect your beloved haven.


For some, the reassuring thump of the Rover’s rear door closing – a sound that signifies both quality and safety – is all they need to hear. For others, a newly acquired mid-engine Maranello beauty qualifies as nirvana. But whether you possess an encyclopedic knowledge of vintage roadsters or simply prefer a vehicle that is more compatible with weekend soccer games, we provide luxury car insurance that goes well beyond the mass-market definition of “comprehensive.”


If you own a cellar stocked with vintage Bordeaux, a hidden safe with heirloom jewelry, or a library full of first editions – or all of the above – you can rest assured in our ability to protect any collection against almost every possibility with personalized collections insurance.


 For people more prone to wanderlust than nesting, staying put quickly breeds a sense of ennui. Of course, there are also those who believe that home is wherever one chooses to make it – and work can be done wherever one chooses to do it. Why stay at the Beach House for a week when a month (and a good internet connection) will do nicely? But even the best-laid travel plans, as the recent past has proven, are just that. Plans. From hotel deposits and prepayments to emergency medical expenses and repatriation – we understand the inherent risks in luxury travel. And at Denver Agency, we’re able to provide travel insurance protection – and advice – for all your wandering ways.


 It is one thing to have it all, and quite another to keep it. Fortunately, protecting yourself from lawsuits – whether frivolous or not – is as simple as it is important.


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